About Us

About Us

Founded in 2011, United Real Estate is a company with over 25 offices across North America.  We are the fastest growing national real estate franchise in the country, and have been named as a frontrunner in designing the real estate office of the future by Swanepoel Trends Report.  We have an environmentally friendly business model with a small footprint of offices, as well as paperless transaction management.


PERSPECTIVE:  We believe that the future holds great opportunities for leaders who are willing to leverage fresh perspectives, adapt to changing conditions, and incorporate new learning into how the pursue opportunities.

INTEGRITY:  We treat our partners and each other equally and fairly, and expect the same in return.

EXCELLENCE:  We believe that excellence is consistently surpassing expectations, and results in competitive advantages.  We seek to deliver excellence in all we do.

POSITIVITY:  We believe that a positive mental attitude when addressing opportunities and challenges is the foundation for all successful endeavors.

SUSTAINABILITY:  We believe in reducing our environmental impact through smaller office footprints, paperless transaction management, and lower utility consumption.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  We believe that we have a duty to be a positive contributor to the people and institutions that are the fabric of the communities in which we serve.

FAMILY:  We understand the importance of a strong, supportive family, and respect the sanctity of the families that are part of our team.